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Art Bar Grenada and ABG Gallery are excited to announce the upcoming exhibition “Conscious Existence,” which will explore the many different ways artists can express their understanding of consciousness. We are looking for submissions that are both creative and thought-provoking and that challenge us to think about what it means to be conscious.

Some possible themes that you could explore in your submissions include:

• The nature of consciousness: What is consciousness? How does it arise? What is its purpose?

• The relationship between consciousness and the body: How does our physical body shape our consciousness? How does our consciousness shape our body?

• The relationship between consciousness and the world: How does our consciousness interact with the world around us? How does the world around us shape our consciousness?

• The different forms that consciousness can take: Is consciousness limited to humans? Can animals be conscious? Can machines be conscious?

• The future of consciousness: What does the future hold for consciousness? Will we ever be able to create artificial consciousness? Will we ever be able to upload our consciousness into a machine?

We are open to all types of art submissions, including painting, sculpture, photography, video, and performance art. We encourage you to be creative and innovative in your submissions.

The deadline for submissions is September 22, 2023. We will announce the selected artists the last week of September. Final pieces will need to be delivered by 12 October.


Selected entrants will be notified.

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